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Corporate Philosophy
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We thank you very much for visiting the web-site of DIATOP Corporation.
Since our foundation in 1959, we have been aiming to supply the products which should be appreciated and trusted by customers.
Thanks to everybody's corporation, recently, we could been supplying our products not only in Japanese domestic market but also overseas market.
As a manufacturer, it is our biggest pleasure and encouragement to see the customers who are using our products as their best partner.
We will keep maintain the know how of manufacturing and high quality production engineering, and try to develop and produce the much better products by our creativity and capacity to respond flexibly to request from the market.
Corporate philosophy
"Let's get our products used all over the world"
We aim a company like a diamond that is brilliant even the size is small, by our unique products supported by customers.
Business policy
Products are embodiment of the manufacturer
[ Supply the products that will make customers happy. ]

Quality is the heart of the manufacturer
[ Supply the products that will be always trusted by customers. ]

Cost is the life of the manufacturer
[ strengthen the company's financial position which enables to make profit with selling the products at marketable prices. ]
ISO 9001 Quality policy
[ Pursue the quality that will be always trusted by customers. ]
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